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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 25, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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call, the jail call from the man who confessed in an online video one tweet, your unsympathetic interview was unchristian. >> the news begins anew now on short -- "shepard smith reporting." today, a -- have you heard? two of our closest european allies on the united nations to punish the united states. the details on that. plus building a bigger and better balloon. what is up next for blimps? phil keeting is on it. let's get too it. good friday afternoon to you. first from fox. this friday afternoon. a major break in a case of that mysterious little girl who
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turned up at a gypsy camp in greece. dna testifieses now confirmed her real parents are a gypsy man and woman from bulgar -- bulgaria. the woman claims she gave birth to a baby girl four years ago in greece. he says she gave away the child because she was too poor to take care of her. those officials say investigators are looking into the possibility the woman sold her. police say they found the little girl last week in a gypsy community in central greece. they picked out the child because she really looked nothing like the man and woman who were taking care of her. authorities accused the couple of kidnapping the little girl. they call her maria because they didn't know her real anyway. case has sparked global attention over concerns she may have been a victim of child trafficking. greg is live in our london bureau this afternoon. -- or this evening. any word what might happen to this child now?
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>> reporter: that is up in the air. first let's start with the biological parents. they say they did nothing wrong. i talked to authorities in bulgaria, and the tell me they're looking at pressing charges. one little inkling into the whole story, there's an albino gene in the background of the father and that's why maria is so fair, and several members of that family are fair as well. and then over to the greek gypsy couple. they had possession of the child. they have been in jail for child abduction and there are strong indications they could face more legal trouble. the big thing is, whether this girl was sold, whether money had changed hands, and that would up the stakes on both sides of the border. as for the little girl, we understand, we have been told, she is doing well. she was in the hospital until yesterday, being treated, being tested. now we are told she is in a foster home in greece, and all
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indications, shep, she isn't going anywhere anytime soon. she got a lot of international attention, folks reasons the world, including the united states, were thinking that perhaps she was their missing girl. well, turns out to be more of a regional story, but she is still an innocent child. deserving a proper home and that's what the folks say are looking at trying to set up for her, shep. >> greg is live in london. rebels in nigeria have been in contact with pirates who are holding hostage two americans. that's according to an e-mail from a group claiming to be those rebels. although we at fox news can't confirm who sent the e-mail, which went to the "associated press." that e-mail, or in it, the writer claims the rebels can help ensure that the american hostages stay safe but there's still no word on any ransom for their release. >> pirates attacked this american ship on wednesday off the western coast of africa. they kidnapped two americans on board and the u.s. official says there is concern now that the pirates made it to shore, where
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a rescue mission would be much harder in the e-mail to the "associated press," the rebel group claims the americans will not be handed over for our direct custody, but we will have the influence to visit them, and ensure that they are well looked after until their subsequent release, and an official with the nigerian navy says they already mounted a rescue mission for the hostages. a state department spokeswoman refused to comment on whether the u.s. is considering taking any action. >> jennifer griffin has the news live at the pentagon. why so many pirate attacks on the we were side of africa? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. four years ago, remember when piracy was at is height off the coast of somalia, it was $300 million a year venture, and the somali pirates were taking the lead. then it got really difficult for the pirates after the captain phillips incident, after the maersk a.m., the u.s. navy set up a traction force and started
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patrolling the waters off somalia, ask then something crucial changed. the ship openers themselves began allowing the ships off of the coast of somalia to carry weapons, and so they were able to have armed guards, and so you remember, with the maersk alabama, they could only shoot their fire hoses over the side at the pirates and the pirates sit got onboard. what happened in somalia, they started firing at the pirates. the pirates started going elsewhere. now off the west coast of africa, where ships are not allowed to be armed. it's now surpassed somalia in terms of the rate of piracy. the first nine months of this year, 34 kidnappingings for ransom of these oil ships in that gulf off of nigeria. >> any word from the pentagon where you are, jennifer, whether the military may respond to this? >> what we know is that the u.s. navy is watching this very
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closely. they are in a watch and wait mode. it's not clear whether the two american hostages have now made land, now in nigeria. that changed the calculus in terms of rescue operation. the nigerians are going to mount a rescue operation, but most likely they will want to keep these two americans alive. they'll be setting up some sort of ransom negotiations with the louisiana-based shipper. in fact i talked to one man who has negotiated 40 ransoms with pirates off the coast of somalia, and he said they would rent a plane and sir -- sir ran wrap and drown the money into the water and get the ransom to the pirates. >> its criminal -- its incredible what is happening. let's talk to a woman who has come face to face by with pirates. she was kidnapped and and has written a book.
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called, "impock -- impossible odds. >> remember covering your story, you spent 93 days in captivity. >> it was long time, 93 days, and i can only imagine what these gentlemen are going through right now. i can really empathize with their families. >> i have seen excerpts where you talk about how difficult it was to manipulate your kidnappers and all the little intricacies you had to go through to keep yourself safe. >> absolutely. i mean, those are your survival mechanisms kicking in, and everything you know about life, everything you know about survival, everything you know about the human psyche, comes into play. you need to know their personalities, know what makes them mad, what doesn't, if they're grumpy in the morning when they wake up, that can be a bad time to ever confront them about anything. so, it's self-preservation.
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>> you wrote in the book you spent the first few weeks trying to get to know them to learn what makes them tick. then after that you would have to be careful about even when you asked to go to the bathroom based on their mood. >> absolutely. i mean, part of the problem, too, is the particular group holding me, is they were high on drugs, and it made them paranoid and aggressive and if you got them in the height of their chemical high, it can be really problematic for me. >> were you ever afraid this would not end well? >> every day. i mean, i think the first fear is that it's not going to end at all. and then that you're not going to survive and see you family definitely looms over you. >> finally, tell me about day 93. >> it started out just like every other day i'd been out there. we went to bed, sleeping on a mat out in the open insuring the
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desert -- in the open, in the desert. i was sick, had a terrible urinary tract infection, and i wasn't able to walk and move around, and i was having a really hard time, and i was starting to lose hope, and -- i don't know what time it was. probably two or three in the morning, i wake up and there's tons of massive gunfire, and the somalis that are guarding me are shooting, and the next thing i know someone grabs me and -- i think i'm being rekidnapped by another group or maybe it's al qaeda linked al-shabaab. instead it's an american military -- an american man and he says, jessica, we're here to take you home. you're save now. >> wind chill -- wow. i can't imagine what reuniting with your friends was like after that.
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>> absolutely surreal, incredible. today it's two years since the annual kidnapping and it's amazing to see where i am now. there were time is didn't think i would get back here. >> jessica buchanan, a true survivor. so great to meet you, and congratulations on the book. "impossible odds." if you have ever been through a lot of trials and tribulations, this book, from the excerpt is read, will be an inspiration and i can't wait to read it. thank you. >> thank you very much. a doctor's mistress set to take the stand in this murder trial. prosecutor says he drugged his wife and drowned her in the bathtub. our his lover's testimony to have a big imact on the says. plus, building a bigger and better hot air balloon. it's friday on the news deck. let's cheap the breaking news to a minimum today. we're ready to get out the door! [ woman #1 ] why do i cook? because an empty pan is a blank canvas.
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>> the mistress of a former doctor chaosed of drugging and drowning his wife in the bathtub. her name is gypsy willis. the doctor, who is seen right here, met his mistress online, and more than a year and a half before they say he murdered his wife back in 2007. the doctor's two daughters gave emotional testimony yesterday, saying their father did kill
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their mother. his daughter, rachel, claims he even joked about being single on the day of her funeral. >> he was making jokes about being single, and laughing, and -- made my sick. i just left. >> prosecutors say the 57-year-old doctor hounded his wife, form beauty queen, to get a facelift. they say he later doped her with a cocktail of drugs during her recovery and then drowned her in that bathtub. the defense attorneys say his wife died of a heart condition. trace gallagher is live from west coast. what are we expecting from the mistress today? ,. >> reporter: prosecutors call her a bee grudging witness but she testified she met martin mcneill in 2005, and by 2006 their relationship had become sexual, and the days before his wife died, they exchanged dozens and dozen of text-messages. then after the wife died she became the family nanny, day aye
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tenned the wife's funeral. took on the identity of one of the adapted daughter -- adopted daughter of the mcneills who was sent back to the ukraine. she prosecutors contend mcneill overdosed his wife so he could be with gypsy willis, and today a tox koleist testified about just exactly how much medication was in her system. listen to him. >> those concentrations on their surface, that people would be unable to respond constructively to their environment. >> reporter: she was loaded with drugs, and she was totally another of it, which could have exacerbated her heart disease, leading to her death. >> the doctor's youngest daughter wanted to testify but they're not letting her. why is that? >> because the judge says her testimony is tainted. he says her memories are distorted or planted by the older sister, who was also her legal guardian. the older sister allegedly
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coached her, and gentlemen judge agreed that's true. this six-year-old at the time says she went in and found her mother in the bathtub, fully clothed, but dr. mcneill told first responders the wife was slumped over the side of the tub, she wasn't inside the bathtub. now, the judge will allow the prosecutors to play an early interview with the younger sister, then only the defense will be allowed to cross-examine her. the prosecutors cannot ask her any questions. it's a blow to the prosecution because it appears her story is backed up by the autopsy in this case. i was living in los angeles about 17 years ago when a little girl in boulder, colorado, at christmastime, turned up dead, and for years we covered that story. we knew a grand jury had been empanelled. we now now the grand jury issued an indictment against john and patsy rams ramsey.
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the scene of the crime. this place, the home in boulder, colorado, in an upscale neighborhood where they're found that precious little girl, lifeless, new clue about what happened. or did they? a grand jury once indicted jonbenet ramsey's parents for child abuse, leading to their daughter's death. but the district attorney at the time chose not to file charges at all. that is according to newly released documents from 1999, three years after jonbenet ramsey died. the indictment accused john and
12:21 pm
the late patsy ramsey of knowingly allowing jonbenet to be, quote, placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child's life or health which resulted in the death of jonbenet ramsey. the grand jury accused john and patsy ramsey, the parents, of helping an alleged murderer, but did not identify a suspect. remember, the ramseys first reported their dare missing after they said the found a ransom know. a ransom note that people thought was written in patsy ramsey's hand writing. the six-year-old found in the basement, duct tape over her mouth, a cord around her neck. but the district attorney refused to sign the grand jury's indictment. at the time he said the prosecutors did not have enough evidence to file charges against the ramseys. buts it's prosecutors who give all of the evidence to the grand jury. the defense has nothing to do with it. years later, different prosecutor cleared john and patsy ramsey of suspicion, and
12:22 pm
17 years after the little girl's death, the death of jonbenet ramsey is unsolved. alicia has more. it doesn't seem like this changes anything. >> reporter: shep, this indictment does not. it's expired. and the only reason we're seeing these documents now is because charlie brown, reporter, sued to get them. in 1999, when the grand jury handed the d.a. then its indictment. alex hunter put it in a safe and that's where it stayed. here's hinter back then. >> under no circumstances will i or any of my advisers, prosecutors, the law enforcement officers working on this case, or the grand jurors, discuss grand jury proceedings, today, or ever. >> reporter: brennan did get some grand jurors to talk. that's how he found out, for all these years, while many
12:23 pm
observers believed they did not find suspicious evidence to charge the ramseys, they actually did. only part of the documents were released today. earlier this week john ramsey asked officials to release the entire grand jury record if it went public. meaning the transcript and evidence. the judge decided it's best to only allow the official action, the indictment. the boulder pd released a statement saying they were disappointed that charges were never brought, and say it's unlikely that a prosecution will ever happen in this case. shep? let's take this to a lawyer with us now. former federal prosecutor, ann marie macavow. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> how unusual -- prosecutors say we want this to go to a grand jury. how unusual is it for a grand jury to return an indictment and then prosecutors not prosecute? >> usually prosecutors are very happy to get the indictment and then they go from there. >> takes the heat off them. >> it does. this certainly was unusual but it does happen, especially where you have a very lengthy grand
12:24 pm
jury appropriation it was 18 months, and it may have been the grabbed jury found there was sufficient evidence for their purposes, which was just to indict, but the prosecutor may have known additional information. and the prosecutor must have felt there wasn't enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a much tougher standard, and so they didn't sign off on the indictment. >> but what a lot of people may won derek why not take it to a judge and jury? have defense and prosecution submit their evidence, and then let the chips fall where they may. then this would be over and done with. >> the problem is, as a prosecutor, you have a burden also and a responsibility to make sure that you feel that you have a case that is sufficient to proceed, and you can proceed to an indictment, but that doesn't mean you have nearly enough evidence to actually convict somebody. >> the elephant in the room is,
12:25 pm
let's face it, john ramsey was a wealthy, powerful, influential man in that community, and there were questions all along about whether that could have been part of this. >> well, unfortunately, what we find here doesn't answer any of those questions. that's the real problem. it's possible that perhaps there may have been something untoward going on, but it's also very possible they just didn't have sufficient evidence. later on another d.a. said there was dna evidence which showed there was somebody necessary the house, some intruder that there was dna evidence that may have supported that theirry. just no answer here and it's one of the very frustrating things about the case. >> it's been frustrating from the day i started covering it. >> it has been. we all want expanses that's why after all these years, everybody is still interested in what happened. and it's possible out of this publicity, perhaps somebody will come forward and have information and maybe even a confession at some point. but right now there's answer. >> jonbenet ramsey will always
12:26 pm
be six years old, would be 23 today. nearly a month after he obamacare web site went live, glitches abound, and now the white house is calling on technicians outside the administration for help. what do you do to fix this problem? so that the law can be implemented? people on both sides of the political aisle would like to know and we'll get into it next. vo: it's that time of year again.
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a fox report now. some more of the day's headlines from the fox news deck. >> crews began demolishes sandy hook elementary school in connecticut, year after adam lance lanza burst into the building and killed children and then killed himself. at least five people were hurt, two critically, after a carnival ride malfunctioned last night at north carolina state
12:29 pm
fair in raleigh. investigators are not revealing many details but say a worker was helping people off the ride when it happened. the fair is re-opening today. >> police in thailand say they arrested three people linked to a massive drug network, and they've just confiscated more than 5 million meth tablets. one of thighland residents largest drug seizures in recent years. the news begins after this.
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>> the feds are hitting united airlines with the biggest fine ever for leaving passengers stuck on jets. they're being fined $1.1 million for a series of very long delays last year in chicago. the feds say that on a day of severe storms, united held passengers on 13 flights. some for just more than the three-hour limit, but one jet was stranded on the tarmac for more than seven hours. and on two of those flights there were no working bathrooms.
12:32 pm
wow. republicans are lashing out at the nation's health chief after she refused demands to resign over the obamacare webs fiasco. kathleen sebelius said she will not step down because she does not work for the people who are demanding her resignation. that provoked some statements, including this one from the republican national committee: it's amazing the obama administration doesn't understand their bosses are the american people, which may line and why the administration pushes this train wreck of the healthcare law. the administration says the train wreck is the web site, not the law. people are reporting all sorts of problems with the enrollment site. today administration officials said they could have the issue fixed by the end of next month. meantime, secretary sebelius is continuing a goodwill tour for the healthcare law. on the road today and will continue to be so. she was in texas to meet with people who were able to successfully sign up. she also told reporters that
12:33 pm
even she was surprised by all of the problems. >> actually, i didn't realize it wouldn't be operating optimally before the launch. i think we knew if we had another six months we would probably test further, but i don't think anyone fully realized that both volume caused some problems and volume exposed some problems. >> secretary sebelius says she will review the performance of contractors who helped build the web site to make sure westerns are getting their money's -- americans are getting their money's worth. ed henry is at the house. they're promising to be ready by the end of the month. how can they make that problem? >> reporter: at it difficult to verify they can follow up on this. we know they have somebody with a good reputation in charge, jeffrey zients, a white house insider, tasked by the from help out sect sebelius.
12:34 pm
he had a conference and said as a former e ceo and they have a punch list and they're going to try to figure this out and fix it step-by-step. the bottom line is, there are so many problems, big and small, the washington examiner today reporting that there's still a dummy java script file on the site. normally that is used for testing and then it's no longer there when the site goes live. well, this script has star wars characters like chewbacca in there. so they have to clean out the small things and that's why the secretary today said they're doing the belles they can -- best they can. >> in an ideal world, a lot more testing. we did not have the luxury of that with a law that said it's go time on october 1st, and frankly a political atmosphere where the majority party, at least in the house, was determined to stop this any way they possibly could, including
12:35 pm
shutting down the united states government. >> reporter: another question is, the contractor that is now in charge of fixing the site is qssi. some of their officials were at the house hear yesterday. they're already involved in the contractor, running the data hub now they're in charge of cleaning up an effort they were involved in. >> democrats believe in the law and all it stanes for. some of them are furious about the web site, embarrassed and angry with the white house. >> and more than that. they're now demanding action, which is what is particularly troublesome for the white house. beyond the webs you now have a senator of new hampshire, democrat, saying she has nine of her democratic colleagues in the senate signing a letter to the president that basically says they would support at least modest changes to the law, extending the reasonablement deadline beyond march. that could open the door to bigger changes, like delaying the individual mandate, which the white house simply does not
12:36 pm
want to do. and then they have republicans like joe barton, at yesterday's hearing, also at the hearing next wednesday when we expect the secretary to testify. he has a whole lot of questions. >> obamacare will be hugely expensive. it's not going to save money. it's going to cost money. and ask to make it voluntary or delay it until we can get it right and if we can't get it right, let's repeal it. >> you mentioned the secretary took heat saying that the people who called for her to be fired were not her bosses, the republicans. they craved at the health and human services she understands of course that her boss is -- not just the president, but is the american people. >> and she serves at his pleasure. ed hundredry good, to see you. let's take this to chris wall los angeles the host of fox fox news sunday." i don't know, chris, if i'm a democrat, the shut down the government, made the whole country mad at them, and now
12:37 pm
we're just giving the opposition party ammunition. democrat must be seething. >> oh, yeah. are all the red-state democrats up for re-election in 2014, like pryor in arkansas, lan drew in louisiana, and this could come back to bite them big-time. i have to say i was listening to the quotes quotes of kathleen s, she said would have loved to have months more testing. my calendar says october 1st october 1st comes of september. maybe it doesn't. they act as if this october 1st deadline was a surprise. they knew it was coming. they had months to test. why didn't they get it in shape so they could test it for months instead of for the final week or two. one of the reasons is because of the fact that they purposely delayed some of the rollout of obamacare never after the election last year so a lot of the delays -- they had three
12:38 pm
years from the time this was passed and a reason they had some of the delay because they didn't want to put some of these things into effect because they were worried they would become an issue in the 2012 campaign. >> you know, obviously, but they have until next year to get this rollout done. why not give it a couple more weeks. doesn't make any sense. >> well, because they were -- it makes sense in a political way. doesn't make sense in a practical way because of the fact they were worried that this would simply add to the demands of republicans. well, you know, let's delay the mandate. you delayed the employer mandate for a year, if you don't have this up by october 1st, and i still haven't heard a reasonable explaination why they couldn't get it ready by october 1st -- let's delay that for a year as well. a lot of decisions were made for political reasons, not because they were trying to put the best program on the ground. >> national that. out of that town. you must have been so proud of the rebels, beating up on the lsu tigers.
12:39 pm
>> absolutely. >> all those injuries and they are favored this week. >> who are they playing? >> idaho. >> we have arkansas in a few weeks. come down to the grove, it's beautiful there. >> i'd love to if they had a monday night game i would be there. >> we don't play on mondays in college. some will be playing on monday soon enough. >> great to see you at the fox necessary deck. >> we'll watch for you on this sunday, when chris will talk about the obamacare rollout. he'll also speak exclusively for a sunday show with the louisiana governor bobby jindal. this sunday on fox news sunday on the fox news broadcast network. check your local listings and tune in. >> another sign global leaders are upset with the united states
12:40 pm
over spying. one country demanding meetings face to face and two allies in europe or calling for the united nations to punish the united states. it's getting thick, and it's coming up. start with a swipe or type to search your stuff and the web all from one place. let bing find the photos you've been gathering in the cloud, the music you've been collecting on your device, and all the places you've been dreaming about from the web.
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17 minutes before the here. word today that germany and brazil -- i called them two european nations. i've now been informed brazil has been moved out of europe. anyway, germany and brases sill are pushing for the united states to adopt a resolution that would aim to ryne in our intelligence operations. in other words they're pushing to punish the united states. it comes of the guardian newspaper in the uk reported that the u.s. may have monitored the phone conversationses of as maybe as 35 world leaders. the report cited documents from the nsa leaker ed snowden. officials in germany say they're sending representatives to the
12:44 pm
united states to discuss this accusation, including whether the nsa tapped the phone of chancellor angela merkel. european leaders vowed to keep close ties but germany and france are insisting the u.s. agree to new spying limits. funny. so are the american people. the british prime minister, david cameron, has not joined in the effort, and today he turned the blame on ed snowden. >> snowden is doing, and to an extent what the newspapers are doing in helping him doing what he is doing, is, frankly, signaling to people who mean to do us harm, how to evade and avoid intelligence and surveillance. >> if the accent made it difficult to understand what, he said was it's ed snowden's fault that the nsa taps her phone. prime minister cameron went on to say that all of the snowden
12:45 pm
leaks have made the world a less safe place. state department spokeswoman today criticized -- talked about the criticism of the nsa as a public distraction. michael kay is a former advise are to the british ministry of defense. i'm guessing nobody is very happy about this anywhere. >> it's not news to me, given my brown, that sovereign nations have been spying on coverage nations. they've been doing it for the last -- >> tapping the phone of the german chancellor, the most powerful nation in europe with the most money? what? >> they've been doing it for a long time. there is, however, a difference between knowing that this going on and getting your haps in the cookie jar, which is what happened. from a diplomacy perspective, i think had this happened a couple of months ago the reactions from the german government would have been a little bit more significant than the moment. we know angela merkel has just won an election. it's her third term. she had a sizable number of the
12:46 pm
votes shell is trying to work out the coalition with the social democrats at the moment so she is in a relatively good position plate -- politically, but to cement the coalition she has to be seen to be doing something. so. >> so that's about domestic consumption for angela merkel. >> i think so. there's an going on but when you're caught with your hands in the cookie jar, you have to show something is going on. >> the german pie agency tapped into president obama's phone as well? >> i can't answer that question. >> i think of the united states found out that the german intelligence authorities were tapping thephone of the president of the it's, don't think that would good over very well. >> i absolutely agree with you. wouldn't go over well at all. >> we should all go back to carrier pigeons. >> i think you might be right. this is just one other thing
12:47 pm
that the nsa, in terms of its a few paws over -- faux pass over the last six months -- we talk about the nsa and the faux pass it was making internally, domestically. now that this breached the borders of the u.s. and has gone sort of global, think the nsa really going to have to get themselves in order. >> we're not going to touch on michael hayden and his conversation is. >> happy to talk about that. >> just keeps filing up. if they're anymore, the whole news deck will be full of it. >> and there's serious credibility issues going on here as well. a least a million veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd, leaving them at a greater risk of suicide. according to the department of veteran affairs. reporting up to 20% of hour service members coming home from iraq and afghanistan-suffer from ptsd. one out of five, and while it affects ten percent of gulf war
12:48 pm
veterans and 30's of vietnam veterans, officials at the charity try to heal the scars by sending vets on a spiritual journey. they visit sites three-quarter holy -- there are continues of thousands. israel has had plenty of conflict. was that a concern for these veterans? >> absolutely. they shared some of the fears of going to israel. of course, ptsd includes issues with anger and sleep and anxiety, and one veteran says he threw his name in a hat even though he was scared of being confined in a plane and being in a place where terror attacks are common but he decides the reward was worth a recollection, the chance to see some of the
12:49 pm
holeyest sites on earth and heal some of his deep emotional scars. before he left, he still finds himself looking for roadside bombs like he did in the war zone a decade ago. >> at times at night they would dig up potholes, put something in there pave it over, so look out for fresh as asphalt. and new york is riddled with potholesholesholes and freshingo consciously you know no wince here trying to engage you but you still look at it. >> after a few days in israel, keith told us he is sleeping better north, asner obvious and has more confidence, and he and the others fly home on sunday. >> these trips, no government money of any kind, all private donations. >> right. costs $7,500 per person to send them to israel. heros to heroes raises the funds, and then picks ten combat veterans in need each year. another person on the ship is ernest barnett, vietnam veteran,
12:50 pm
part of a k-9 team searching for bobby trapps and in 1970 his commanding officer was killed in front of him and he says that memory still haunts him. >> the dog and the team leader hit a landmine. they blew apart in such a bizarre fashion that it made me say that i don't want to go back out into the field anymore. that wasn't something i was supposed to see at 19 years old. >> barnett says the journey to the holy land has been fax, seeing the wailing wall, the jordan, the dead sea. the charity's goal of giving the vets something. >> thanks very much. we see blimps over just about every porting event in the
12:51 pm
country, and now good year is building a bigger blimp. what will they look like? phil keating knows. we'll go live to him. they're not really looking. not at the rings. i can feel them looking at my thick, flaky red skin. do i tell them it's psoriasis? do i speak up and say it's not contagious? or do i just say... have a nice day!" when your psoriasis has gone from uncomfortable to unacceptable,
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12:54 pm
a change in the air for goodyear's blimp. the tire and rubber company is retiring its current fleet of air shipsment who of them have headed south to florida. next year the company is going to replace the three blimps with new, state-of-the-art airships withsome cool new features. these new blimps will supposedly operate a bit like helicopters. goodyear claims they can take off vertically and hover in one
12:55 pm
spot. phil, looks like you're getting a ride? >> reporter: we're supposed to be playing but to strong winds but the blimp is the -- -- it's an effective advertising tool. they push tire sales. the new zeppelin will be 20 yards longer than these old preliminaries and instead of having two engines and propellers they'll have three, which will allow them to move like that, which will allow the blimp to actually lift off like a helicopter, and when they're over the big game, providing the aerial coverage that we also know goodyear blimps for, they can hoverer more in place, more quiet, twice as fast as these old blimps. here's the tv camera. next saturday in tallahassee, we'll be providing the aerial coverage of the big game next weekend, number two, florida state, vs. the number seven,
12:56 pm
miami hurricanes, shep. >> that's should be a showdown. it's interesting to me the canes even get to play. not my commentary, just interesting. >> i know. it was considered a slap on the wrist but everybody in south florida is happy with that ncaa ruling. >> we got some kanes -- canes over here good to see you. the red sox are three games from another world series title but no championship -- [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> on this day in 1986 the new york mets fans went wild and a boston red sox first baseman went down in infamy. game six in which a win for boston would have clinched the first championship in 70 years. but it was tied up when the mets batter crooked a routine ground ball down the first base line, and then bill butner should have scooped it up but the ball went through this legs. the miracle mets scored on an error and won the game. a couple of nights later the
1:00 pm
amazings took it all. the buckner's blunder gave the mets a second chance. >> i think restriction of wealth and massive responsibility for energy companies and any companies exploiting the environment, should be -- i think the topic should be hugely reduced. david cameron says profit isn't a dirty word. i say profit is a filthy word because whether there is profit there is deficit. >> in the only people who feel there shouldn't be more coming into the federal government from the rich people are the republicans and the congress. everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. they want to pay more. >> one is a comedian who is not funny, and one who
3:07 pm
the ones now calling for delay


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